LEFTOVERS at Toronto Visual Fringe Festival | July 3-13

Come visit and collaborate on an art-sci project in Tent 4 

location: Honest Ed's alley

show times:  July 3-5 + July 9-13, 6:30 pm - 12:30 am

There is nothing better than stirring humour into the mix between awkward situations and office obligations this summer season. At the upcoming Toronto Fringe Festival, LEFTOVERS jewellery line fuses craft, class and the absurd, featuring lobster claw brooches with embedded Swarovski crystals. LEFTOVERS is a jewellery line that lies at the nexus between art, craft and science. Created by artist Lisa Carrie Goldberg in collaboration with Action Potential, Toronto’s art-science workshop, each wearable object in the series is composed of biological materials that have been locally sourced and links elements of quirkiness and style. Stop by our tent and try your hand at making your own unique design out of LEFTOVERS. 

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LEFTOVERS @ Visual Fringe

Fringe Festival website


The Body is a Big Place by Peta Clancy and Helen Pynor

The Body is a Big Place explores organ transplantation and the ambiguous thresholds between life and death, revealing the process of death as an extended durational moment, rather than an event that occurs at a single moment in time. This bio-art work is a large-scale immersive installation comprising a five-channel video projection, a fully functioning bio-sculptural heart-perfusion system, an undulating aqueous soundscape and a single-channel video work. 

excerpt from prix ars


Intimate Science

The most recent manifestation of artists working at the intersection of art, science and technology demonstrates a distinctly autodidactic, heuristic approach to understanding the physical and natural world.

Touring through 2014

Pure Culture: Ganoderma lucidum fungus, Philip Ross, 2000


Laboratory Opening of Biological Arts at Future Art Base

BiofiliA –Base for Biological Arts has been launched under the Future Art Base in 2011. This unit offers a place for trans-disciplinary research and education that aim at creating cultural discussion around the topics related to the manipulation of life and biological processes at a practical and theoretical level, including philosophical and ethical dimensions.
The new laboratory installations in Otaniemi Campus (Otakaari 7, Sähkötalo) officially opened in the 1st of February 2013. 
Future Art Base is a semi-autonomous platform for artistic research and social innovation initiated at Aalto University in 2010.