Teaching a Bio-Art Workshop for Akin Collective

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I am teaching a biological art workshop in collaboration with Akin Collective studios, for their inaugural Forge Workshop Series. This session is open to anyone in Toronto and +19 plus. Come by Action Potential Lab on March 12, 2014, from 7-10 pm and get your hands messy. 

More info here: http://akincollective.blogspot.ca/p/forge-workshop-series.html

This week's research: Wearable Technologies

I've been investigating alternative models for outerwear and questioning what the future holds for "intelligent" materials. Watch Off Book, a web series from PBS, as they question the future of wearable technology. Additionally, check out the site Abler., which serves as a research blog for Sara Hendren's work in aesthetics and prosthetics. 


LEFTOVERS at Toronto Visual Fringe Festival | July 3-13

Come visit and collaborate on an art-sci project in Tent 4 

location: Honest Ed's alley

show times:  July 3-5 + July 9-13, 6:30 pm - 12:30 am

There is nothing better than stirring humour into the mix between awkward situations and office obligations this summer season. At the upcoming Toronto Fringe Festival, LEFTOVERS jewellery line fuses craft, class and the absurd, featuring lobster claw brooches with embedded Swarovski crystals. LEFTOVERS is a jewellery line that lies at the nexus between art, craft and science. Created by artist Lisa Carrie Goldberg in collaboration with Action Potential, Toronto’s art-science workshop, each wearable object in the series is composed of biological materials that have been locally sourced and links elements of quirkiness and style. Stop by our tent and try your hand at making your own unique design out of LEFTOVERS. 

For more information, click on the links below


LEFTOVERS @ Visual Fringe

Fringe Festival website


Lisa featured in "Maker to Making a Living" blog

Jacqueline Sava, creator/owner of soak, has been a major inspiration to me since moving back to Toronto.  With a BFA from RISD and a MBA from Schulich, her knowledge and experience in navigating the worlds of art, craft and business has been immensely helpful to me and my creative business endeavours. I am really excited for the launch of her new website and I look forward to many more insightful posts.

Thanks for featuring me on your site: Lisa Carrie Goldberg's Action Potential

maker to making a living


It's finally published!

I am so excited to announce that finally, the chapter I was writing, based on my thesis research, is now published in a book entitled Sleep Around the World - Anthropological Perspectives.

To all my professors, peers, friends, and family, thank you for all the help along the way.

Check out Chapter 4: Envisioning Sleep in Contemporary Sleep Science


spark box studio residency

I just returned from my residence at Spark Box Studio in Picton, Ontario. What an incredible opportunity it was to have the space and the time to flesh out some of my projects. It was great working alongside Amanda Rataj and Carmen Neely, the other artists in residence. Thanks to Chrissy and Kyle for letting me make weird stuff in their kitchen. 




To view more images from the residency, click on the links below:


The Inflatable Beehive

You are invited to explore apiculture, architecture, and sustainability inside our skep-inspired pneumatic structure where human beeings intertwine to share ideas, research, and other musings.

excerpt from festooning

photo by Dana Clanc from Apisocial Saturday at Boston University’s 808 Gallery 


Garments for the Grave by designer Pia Interlandi

Emerging from the unlikely pairing of fashion design and forensics research -Garments for the Grave- is a initiative aimed at creating clothing for internment that can be tailored and personalised to the individual, allowing for a meaningful engagement with grief and loss, whilst still embracing the core values of Natural Earth Burials. To be launched in 2012, Garments for the Grave will be a capsule collection of commercially available burial garments.

except from Garments for the Grave

featured in SOUL part of the Anatomy Arts Documentaries on ABC