I am a multidisciplinary artist based in Toronto. My artwork often takes the form of full-sensory installations that examine the realm of art and science. Past projects have covered topics in neuroscience, anthropometry and microbiology, as my studio practice is usually accompanied by field research in laboratories and academic settings. Through this process, my work involves collaborations with both scientists and other non-artists. I have BFA in Interrelated Media from Massachusetts College of Art and Design, where I studied sculpture, performance, weaving, film, video and photography. In 2011, I graduated with a Master of Science in Biological Arts from SymbioticA, the art-science research centre, at The University of Western Australia. My thesis focused on the correlations between sleep science, art and architecture, an investigation which led me to conduct a series of experimental all-night performances held inside a sleep laboratory.

When I am not in the sleep lab, you can find me in the kitchen completing DIY biology experiments. Additionally, I collect discarded plaster casts from dentists and sift through remnants of food on peoples’ plates to create LEFTOVERS, a high-end jewelry line formed from dental impressions and post-consumed exoskeletal structures of marine crustaceans.

Currently, I am the Exhibitions Reporter for Gobbledigook Magazine, an Artist-in-Residence at The Art Gallery of Mississauga, and the founder of Action Potential Lab, a hub for scientific and artistic research in Toronto.

My artwork has been shown in Canada, United States, Europe and Australia.

CV available upon request